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The story behind the stories…

I always wanted to be a writer. Then I realized you can only be an under-motivated overachiever for so long. Forty-some years, apparently. I’m not getting any younger, and whining about all the reasons I had not yet written a book was starting to sound pathetic, even to me. It was time to shut up and write.

I thought my first book would be a mystery. Make or Break had other ideas. One day I began a self-assigned writing exercise. It was a couple of scenes, with two characters who had been forming in my mind. The next thing I knew, Seth and Abby decided they were real and took my brain hostage. They refused to leave until I wrote their story.

“Is it a short story?” I asked.

“We’ll let you know,” Abby replied. “Just get writing.”

“And don’t forget the sex scenes.” That was Seth. He was speaking, but I think Abby made him promise to remind me. They’re always ganging up on me.

A month or so later, they informed me that if I was going to write their story, I’d better give some thought to having a plot. Demanding characters. I began formulating one, and started writing. Then I scrapped it, started over, scrapped it again, and started over.

With the help of a course at the Loft Literary Center, I finally got on track. I had a good start, and three months later I had a complete manuscript.

Writing Make or Break was an adventure, and it’s not over yet. I love Seth Caldwell and Abby Delaney. Other characters showed up and refused to do what I wanted them to do, but it turns out they were usually right and I was just being stubborn. I can’t wait to share these people with all of you.

Use the “contact” link to send me a message or to ask a question. I can talk about my books for hours. Ask my husband. And everyone who has crossed my path since I finally stopped making excuses and started writing.

Hope to see you soon… at a book signing near you!