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A Unique View of The Apocalypse

Even dedicated fans of the horror genre cringe a little and think, “Oh, great. Another zombie apocalypse book” from time to time. We start to think if you’ve read one, you’ve pretty much read them all. Not so with Soundtrack to the End of the World, by Anthony J. Rapino.

In fact, it’s not even obvious early on that it is a zombie story. Marty has problems. Several years after losing his parents to violence, having a nervous breakdown, being saved from himself by his friend, and struggling to maintain his balance in a world that doesn’t make much sense to him, he’s faced with a mystery. Why are some people starting to act strangely, staring off into the sky? What is happening at the bizarre underground club, and what is the music – or maybe the drugs? – there doing to patrons?

As the world comes undone, Marty is forced into alliances with old friends, new friends, and initially hostile strangers. He relies on his own intellect and the imagined advice of his college mentor as he fights to make the connections necessary to understand what is happening and how to stop it.

Anthony Rapino does what I sometimes despair is even possible now. He tells a story in a fresh, unique voice in what has become a crowded genre. He gives his main characters depth and back story, without drowning readers in it. He takes us on an often violent journey through a world-changing event and out the other side, while examining the nature of life and death, and what makes us who we are. Whether the victims are alive or dead, zombies or something else, Marty and his new aura-reading friend Naomi are forced to confront the nature of the human soul. That’s a tall order, but Anthony Rapino does it with skill, humor, and outstanding storytelling.

The author will be conducting a blog tour through September and October, which interested readers should check out. There will be two $50 Amazon gift cards given away to participants who play along. Clues will appear throughout the tour, so visit the official tour page on Facebook, Insanity Rocket, for all the details.

One Response to “A Unique View of The Apocalypse”

  1. I’ll be taking part in the tour as well and it’s great to see such a good review you’ve got me all eager to get to it myself