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Big News and a New Life for Seth and Abby!

Some of you probably remember my first book, Make or Break.



Make or Break was released in 2011, and that contract has now reached its conclusion, and I opted not to renew it. To do so would have been stupid for a lot of reasons, but let’s go with the best reason, which is I’ve been the Managing Editor for Limitless Publishing for over two years, and my other two books are signed with them as well.

But Seth and Abby are too young to die, and I still really love them. I discussed this with Limitless, and we evaluated Make or Break. The truth is it is really much more a romantic suspense than the contemporary romance it had been marketed as before, so we decided to…

Resurrect Make or Break as a true romantic suspense, and rename it Dead End Road! This new-and-improved version will be re-released on July 4, with pre-sale beginning June 24! While it’s rising from the dead, so to speak, there are definitely no zombies in Abby’s hometown of Emporia, Minnesota. Just a hot guitar guy, a meddlesome mother, an inappropriate bar owner, a one-eyed stray dog…and somebody who desperately wants Seth dead.

Blurb tease 1


This is really thrilling news for me, as I always felt Make or Break had a lot more potential if it could get the right support and identity. A brand new cover is in the works by Deranged Doctor Design, and I can’t wait to see it! I’m doing an extensive, line-by-line review, because the truth is I’ve learned a lot about writing since I wrote it. I’m also thinking up some juicy new bits to add to make it fun even for those who read Make or Break back in the day.

So, stay tuned, readers! I’ll be revealing the new cover here soon, and some tasty excerpts. Though my other series is a zombie apocalypse world, my heart lies with romance. I still need to finish book 3 in my The Dead Survive series, Devolution, but after that, I’ll be moving on to a world I’m creating set in an rural West Virginia county and featuring a group of friends and neighbors who are active in the dog rescue community. Because, you know…dogs bring people together, right?

Here’s the new blurb for Dead End Road to give you a feel for Make or Break’s new incarnation. What do you think? Will you read it, and if you read the original, will you re-read?

Teaser 2 blurb



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