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Make Or Break

Abby never dreamed she’d meet her rock star fantasy, Seth Caldwell, by crushing his guitar under the wheels of her Jeep. Twice. Is it possible to be simultaneously thrilled and terrified? Apparently so.

Seth wants to strangle Abby Delaney when she reduces “Cujo” to kindling. But when he stops yelling, the snarks turn to sparks, and he immediately revokes his longstanding rule against getting involved with women he meets on the road.

Abby struggles to put the pain of death and divorce behind her and trust Seth enough to share her life with him, but the afterglow is shot to hell when his duffel bag explodes in her guest room.

When they discover that the bomb was a second attempt on Seth’s life, Abby is more furious than frightened. He is literally a dream come true, and she realizes he is worth fighting for.

Seth has more to lose than ever before. He has Abby. He refuses to believe a member of his band or crew wants him dead. But is his loyalty endangering Abby’s life? Would she be safer if he returned to Texas until the killer is caught? And would she ever forgive him if he did?

With the help of Abby’s meddling mother, Seth’s band, a groupie with boundary issues, and a one-eyed stray dog, they race to unravel the mystery. But they not only have to survive, they must also maintain the trust they’ve established, or their future is as dead as Seth’s guitar.