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Fallback: Excerpt #3


Well, it was kind of like pulling teeth, but I finally got enough comments on my pinned post on my author page, so here is the new excerpt I promised. Remember, Fallback comes out June 30 and is a full-length novel. Book One, The Dead Survive, is a novella and is available now.

The excerpt below is from Chapter Four, in which Ellen and the rest of the fallback team are training for their mission. But you know how it is…the zombies just couldn’t leave them alone.


Excerpt #3 from Fallback, Chapter Four


We raced to the east gate, while Melissa and Faith clambered up the ladder to the guard tower. The two men currently on watch brought us up to speed. “Forty or fifty,” one told us. “Came from the logging road on the north side of the clearing, not moving fast, but clustered tight and coming steady.”

Marcus gave a terse nod, and we were out the gate, which was secured behind us. We fanned out before the advancing zombies, automatically pairing off with fighters we knew. Rebecca and I drifted to the right, angled slightly away from each other to widen our collective range of vision.

“We got this,” my partner said confidently, tucking her braid down the back of her shirt and giving her sword a practice swing.

This pack of zombies was a mixed one. There were some that seemed—for lack of a better word—fresher, and those moved a little faster than the ones with more wear and tear on their bodies. Funny how missing a foot or having a knee bent the wrong way slowed you down, even if you were already dead.

I selected my first target, a woman with half her scalp missing, the remaining strands of steel-colored hair trailing down over the shoulder of a tattered and gore-encrusted knit poncho. I didn’t think the garment had been stylish even when its owner was alive. Gave a whole new meaning to “I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that.” I swung my machete, putting an end forever to her final fashion faux pas.


Stay tuned! I have more excerpts standing by, and I’ll have a pre-order announcement soon.

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