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Ripleygold Editing Services

Life has been exciting here. In addition to my editing for indie clients and editing for Limitless Publishing, I’m working to write the next book in my series, The Dead Survive. Then, as if it weren’t crazy enough, I have now accepted the position of Managing Editor for Limitless Publishing. (Anyone looking for a reputable and dynamic small press, I highly recommend Limitless!)

For this reason, I am not currently accepting new clients.

I do, however, have recommendations. I have worked closely with any editors listed below, and highly recommend their skill and professionalism. Please visit their pages and consider them for your editing needs. 

Rosa Sophia Editing Services
Toni Rakestraw, Rakestraw Book Design


Several childhood friends swear when they passed me notes in elementary school, my reply always included corrections of spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. I honestly don’t remember this, but I don’t doubt it’s true.

As a writer, I know the dismay of seeing typos and other errors in my own work. And by dismay, I mean gut-wrenching, I-demand-a-do-over horror. It drives me insane. I’ll never forget an essay in which I mentioned public libraries, but left the “l” out of “public.” Unpleasant.

I also know it is virtually impossible to proofread our own work. Our eyes tell our brains what we know we meant to say, sliding right past small imperfections. I want my work to be as close to perfect as possible, and I know you do, too. We all need an objective proofreader to put that final polish on our stories.

I can offer this service with the low rates and high standards independent authors need and deserve. Your work should shine. You should know you have released the best possible product, avoiding those emails from readers informing you of typos. My career has included 25 years in administrative positions, all of which included copy editing and proofreading as a major part of the job description, before moving on to writing and editing exclusively.

How I Work

  • I work with fiction only.
  • I accept projects of any length, from short stories to extended novels.
  • I accept most genres, with the exceptions of “hard core” horror (though I do take on zombie stories) and futuristic sci-fi. I have a colleague to whom I am happy to refer writers of these genres.
  • I most enjoy romance, paranormal, urban fantasy, erotica, mystery, humor, and young adult.
  • I charge by word count. I don’t feel it is fair to charge by the hour when the amount of time spent on each project is so individualized. (Plus, recalculating actual work-hours every time I get up to put the dogs out gives me a headache.)
  • I offer copy editing and proofreading. Content editing may be offered to select, established clients.
  • Rates may vary depending on the quality/condition of the manuscript. I strongly recommend all manuscripts have a professional content edit before coming to me! I am not a content editor or formatter. “Professional” means your work has been edited by someone who is not your mother, other family member, friend, or the guy in your office who reads a lot. Unedited work will be quoted at a significantly higher rate than well-edited work.


My basic rate is $0.0035 per word. Round your word count to the nearest 1000, multiply by 0.003. This is for a round of comprehensive copy editing and proofreading, and you must commit to two rounds (I edit, you revise, and I edit again). If you will only consider one round, the rate will be a bit higher, because I will add a day or two to my time to make sure that single round is the absolute best it can be. I have nightmares that a book I get for only one round of editing will still need work and be released into the world with the author telling people I was the editor.

If I have never worked with you before, I might request the first ten pages or the first chapter of your work, review the material and your needs, and revise the rate based on that information. This means:

  • If your manuscript has been poorly edited (or not edited at all) and I see a lot of extra work to do, your rate will be quoted higher than $0.0035 per word.
  • If it’s edited and relatively clean copy, it will be at or near the basic rate.
  • If we’ve worked together before, meaning I’m familiar with your style and voice, I may discount your rates. Email me. We’ll chat!
  • Minimum fee for short works is $50.00
  • If we both feel an additional round of copy editing and/or a light proofreading is needed, we will negotiate a rate at that time.
  • I will entertain requests for beta reads and content editing. However, content editing will generally only be offered to established clients.
  • Deposit of one half of the first round, based on word count, is required for new clients in order to secure the schedule spot.

When we have reached an agreement on your needs, my quote, and a mutual deadline, for new clients I require payment at that time of one-half of the total via PayPal, with the balance to be paid within 24 hours of your receipt of the completed project. Our email exchange will contain all specifics pertaining to the project and will serve as our contract. If you have a non-disclosure agreement, I am happy to sign that, as well. Established clients are asked to pay invoices within 24 hours of receipt of the completed project.


Manuscripts should be submitted in Word format. I edit using the Track Changes feature. I can also work in Open Office.

For novels, I will schedule 3-7 weekdays for each editing round, depending on length. I will discuss with you how long you would like to have for your revisions.

For short stories, I ask for at least two full weekdays, and for novellas, something in between – depending on length.

Getting Started

Email me at with your name, the title of your work, the genre, and the word count. Include the level of editing which has been completed. Attach ten pages (or one chapter) of the work (for new clients), and I will reply with a quote.

I pledge to give your work the same precise, meticulous treatment I demand for my own. You will also receive excellent communication, prompt replies, and swift answers to any questions you might have when you review the completed project.


“Lori Whitwam is a wonderful editor. She pays close attention to detail, is always available to answer questions, and is just the editor I’ve always been looking for. I highly recommend her for your editorial needs. She will not disappoint!”  Rosa Sophia, novelist
“Having a professionally edited and proofread manuscript can make the difference between being a professional author and an amateur. No reader wants to spend their hard-earned money on a book which is riddled with typos and inconsistencies. I feel safe in the knowledge Lori Whitwam has worked on my latest books. She’s thorough, worked to my dead-line, kept me informed throughout the process, and to top it all off, is also affordable. I will certainly be using Lori again.”  Marissa Farrar, author of the Serenity series
“Lori has a great sense of the story. She takes her time to see what you, as an author, want to do with the piece and edits accordingly for both content and grammar. She’s extra thorough and incredibly helpful during the editorial process.” Alexis D. Craig, author of Imminent Danger, Undercover Seduction, and Give Me Shelter
“Lori Whitwam has taught me more about the craft of writing through her editing than any of my master’s classes. I highly recommend her!” Liz Borino, author of the Mine Series

“I can’t stress enough the importance of good proofreading. If you’re looking for that quality final polish, Lori Whitwam is your proofer. She’s fast, efficient and does a great job with easy communication. Hire her – your books will thank you for it.” Patti Larsen, author of the Hayle Coven series

“I looked up Lori off the recommendation of my content editor. Although I consider myself pretty decent at self-editing and my manuscript had been through many beta readers and my content editor, I decided a final proofread would give me peace of mind knowing that my manuscript would have a professionally polished sheen to it. Lori was very quick to respond to my emails and very efficient at returning my proofed manuscript. After seeing the mistakes she caught, I felt much better about the investment and would definitely recommend her. She also has a great sense of humor and is very easy to deal with.” John Corwin, author of Sweet Blood of Mine